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Composer & Musician - Richard McLester


All the music in the Poole Passion

production is composed and performed

live by Richard McLester.


Skillfully synchronising and adapting his playing to enhance each scene as it unfolds.  Using keyboards and synthesised sounds and percussion, Richard brings a deep and rich dimension to the Poole Passion.

Richard has been involved with The Poole Passion since the beginning as Musical Director in 2009, assistant Musical Director in 2010 working alongside pianist and broadcaster David Owen Norris and Musical Director again from 2012-2018.

Richard has also been able to add not only his own vocals to the performances, but has involved other musicians including the church choir of St Peter’s Parkstone, for which he has held the post of Musical Director since September 2009.

As an artist & composer, other diverse works have included ‘The Light’ in Salisbury Cathedral, a giant remembrance themed Advent Wreath called ‘Lumin-Essence’, 'Piano In The Sea' performance art and a beautiful hanging sculpture called 'As The Star Appears'.

(Click his photo above to see his website and his work)


For The Poole Passion in 2014, Richard composed an entire album of music which became 'The Road To Golgotha'.

50 minutes of completely original, exciting, drama-filled music featuring huge choirs, orchestral arrangements and beautiful singing that follows the Passion of Christ through from The Last Supper to Crucifixion and Resurrection.

The album includes Richard's stunning song “We Have Fallen".  Featuring the talented vocalist Alexandra Wehlau.

The song also featured in the crucifixion scene in the 2022 Poole Passion play Footsteps.


Scroll down to see the official video of 'We Have Fallen' featuring Richard, Alexandra and also Poole Passion actor and director Ann Balaam and her daughter, actor and stage director, Hannah Stockley.

'The Road To Golgotha' 

(excerpts from this album can be heard accompanying the montage video of Footsteps, click here, with kind permission of Richard)

On the album, the opening track 'Lament of The Shalmaj' features a Renaissance Pipe, or Shawm that Richard played at the opening to the 2014 play.

Then follows the Lord’s Prayer in ancient Aramaic, the original language of Jesus, sung by Alexandra Wehlau.

The music then moves through a folk song called 'River, River' featuring Richard playing the Arabian Oud (the Arabic equivalent to a Lute).

Tim Fisher (Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra) features on violin.

As The Lord’s Supper is instituted, Jonathan Prentice (a professional baritone) opens the powerful choral piece called 'Sanctus'.

The album continues with the passionate 'Gethsemene' (again with original Aramaic words) and follows as Jesus walks The Way Of Grief to a piece of music called 'Lament of the Tenebrae'.

Then 'Golgotha', a frenzied scene of death occurs and Jesus is crucified.

The feature track of the album is 'We Have Fallen (Over the Edge of the World)', a contemporary song of love sung by Alexandra Wehlau.

Then follows the massive 'Resurrection', a reflective and still Agnus Dei and finally to finish a light-hearted song called 'Eleutheria'.

To buy 'The Road To Golgotha' click the album cover below and contact Richard through his website.

All music is strictly © copyright Conical Sphere Music 2014. All Rights Reserved. Under no circumstance should any of the music be copied or distributed without prior permission of the copyright holder.

All music has been written and produced by Richard McLester

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The spectacular lighting in the Poole Passion Play Footsteps is created by Richard's own company Conical Sphere.
(Click the logo to see their website).

At Christmas in 2019, Richard played piano live in St Peter's Church (the venue for the Poole Passion Play) and showcased Conical Sphere's stunning holographic lighting with snow effects and 3D projections.
See a brief video below taken by a visitor.

"We Have Fallen" Official Video
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Below is Conical Sphere's lighting for Poole Passion's production Footsteps in 2022
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